DIY Insect Misting Systems Parts

DIY Insect Misting System Parts are constructed of the highest quality materials on the market. Our 20 years of manufacturing experience enables us to provide you with a reliable system that will last for years while providing proven insect control.

Each system is designed with the highest degree of consideration for easy installation and low maintenance. The versatility of our systems allows for a wide variety of applications.

DIY Insect Misting System Equipment ImageSystem:

The system consists of a 55-gallon lockable reservoir, timer, motor and pump.


Our  timer is easy to program. It has multiple settings, battery backup, internal surge protection, an exterior “red” light that indicates when the drum is low and lockable timer lid.

DIY Insect Misting System Nickel Plated NozzlesNickel Plated Nozzles:

Our nozzles are manufactured with high quality stainless steel tips, second stage filters, swivel heads, and Presto Lok fittings to prevent leakage.

DIY Insect Misting System Parts

DIY Insect Misting System Parts-Tubing


1/4″ high pressure, 250 psi UV rated tubing. Available Colors: Black, Grey, White, Clear/Semi-Transparent, Medium & Dark Brown and Tan.

We use long lasting, durable nylon clips with zinc coated screws eliminating the breakage that you often find with the brittle, plastic clips.

DIY Insect Misting System Parts

DIY Insect Misting System Parts Sleeve Covers

Optional Cover and Sleeve:

If the desired location for the system is outdoors, we recommend a system cover to protect the unit from the elements. We offer two types of protection; a basic black cover used primarily inside barns or shops to keep the unit free from dust, or a two-piece tan cover and sleeve perfect for keeping the unit protected from mother natures’ elements while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

We stock a large inventory of insect misting system parts and insecticides for all brands of systems.

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Parts Price
55-Gallon System (Includes: Timer, Pump & Motor Preassembled with Drum) $688.00
Insecticide Refills-Click Here Pricing Click Here 
Timer $221.00
Pump $110.00
Motor $140.00
Pressure Gauge $14.00
Intake Filer $14.50
Straight Drop Nozzle (Tee or Elbow) $18.00
45 Degree Nozzle (Tee or Elbow) $19.00
Nozzle Tip $14.00
Union Tee Connector $5.60
Union Elbow Connector $5.60
Union Connector $5.60
Dead End Plugs $1.36
1/4″ Nylon Tubing (black, white, grey, clear, light brown, dark brown & tan) $.32 per foot
Tubing Flex Clips (100 per bag black or white) $7.23
System Cover, Head Unit Cover Only (Black) $30.00
System Cover, Reservoir and Head Unit Cover (Tan) $140.00