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DIY Insect Misting System Kits
Our easy-to-install residential insect misting system kits come with everything you need to complete the installation of the DIY Insect Misting System, including the insecticide.
15 feet of Black, Tan, Grey, White, Light Brown, Dark Brown, or Clear Tubing is included with Each Nozzle

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Type of Kit Each kit provides coverage for the number of months indicated below before requiring refilling Price
6 Nozzle Kit 14 Months $961.82
8 Nozzle Kit 10 1/2 Months $999.04
10 Nozzle Kit 8 1/2 Months $1,036.26
12 Nozzle Kit 7 Months $1,073.48
14 Nozzle Kit 6 Months $1,110.70
16 Nozzle Kit 5 Months $1,147.92
18 Nozzle Kit 4 1/2 Months $1,185.15
20 Nozzle Kit 4 Months $1,222.36
24 Nozzle Kit 3 1/2 Months $1,296.78
28 Nozzle Kit 3 Months $1,371.20
32 Nozzle Kit 2 1/2 Months $1,445.62
36 Nozzle Kit 2 Months $1,520.04
40 Nozzle Kit 1 1/2 Months $1,594.46

Each kit is expandable up to 70 nozzles
Installation is offered in most areas. If you are interested, please contact us about locating a dealer near you.

Residential Applicatiion Nozzle Placement Illustration

Many homeowners struggle to control outdoor pest problems with various over the counter insect control remedies and more often than not, the results are short term and, in the long run, costly. Whether you want to protect your family home or deter pests from your patio eatery, golf course or country club the answer is a DIY Insect Misting System.

Our misting systems are easy to install, low maintenance and starts controlling more than 300 types of insect the same day it’s installed. Each time-released system is designed to spray a fine mist through nozzles that are mounted around the perimeter of your home, in the landscaping, or along the fence line. The nozzles are connected by high pressure tubing to the reservoir and control unit that emits the mist at preset intervals.

Once your DIY Insect Misting System is installed it can be programmed to spray at various intervals, typically between dusk and dawn, when insects are most active. Once programmed, your system will omit a fine mist which will automatically give you a synchronized spray, 3 to 4 times a day (for 30 seconds), that evenly distributes around the coverage area. The system can also be manually activated before planned outdoor activities. Now you and your family or guests can enjoy a comfortable and relaxing protected environment.

Cover and Sleeve:

Residential Application Cover & SleeveIf the desired location for the system reservoir and control unit is outdoors, a system cover is recommended to protect the unit from the elements. We offer two types of protection; a basic black cover used primarily inside barns or shops to keep the unit free from dust, or a two-piece tan cover and sleeve perfect for keeping the unit protected from mother natures’ elements while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing appearance.